The real work happens in silence.



An initiative of the Heartfulness Institute, we offer comprehensive stress management and meditation training programs for professionals and businesses. Our programs are designed to promote emotional resilience, champion mental health, and encourage collaboration that transcends team boundaries, paving the way for holistic organizational growth. As individuals become better versions of themselves, they become more empathetic leaders, creative contributors, and positive corporate citizens. The result is a more supportive and productive work environment that increases overall well-being, job satisfaction, and organizational success.
Heartfulness Institute is a global nonprofit organization that operates through a
network of more than 11,000 certified trainers serving more than
2,000,000 meditators in 126 countries.

What We Offer

Recognizing that a calm and focused mind fosters innovation, collaboration, and productivity, Heartfulness@Work is dedicated to making meditation accessible to everyone. Participants learn to develop calmness, which leads to better concentration, balance and true wellness of being. This helps
them achieve:
Greater focus and commitment
Increased capacity for wise choices
Empathetic leadership
Better integration
A happier, healthier work environment
“The meditation sessions give me peace of mind. They help me handle things at work with ease and a cool mind. I can focus on the task without getting distracted. My brain works faster, with presence of mind.”
Amazon Employee
“The facilitator-led meditations were the best part—very refreshing. It was powerful to participate with a large group of people; I’ve only meditated before individually.”
Hallmark Employee
"So wonderful, especially during a rough week—the sessions give me peace and help me reconnect to myself!"
Hitachi Employee
“I LOVE it. I love the guided meditations, how soothing they are, and that they come in the middle of my day so I can truly hit the reset on my morning. I really struggle with anxiety, and the meditations help me calm down, recenter myself, and set my priorities.”
Amazon Employee


Extensive scientific studies have demonstrated the efficacy of Heartfulness Institute’s Heartfulness techniques in reducing stress and anxiety, improving sleep, enhancing emotional intelligence, and exploring the heights and depths of human consciousness. 
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